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Our restaurant.

Our restaurant has been well known for its down-to-earth Brandenburg cuisine for over 100 years. We have always worked closely with local and regional suppliers: game from the Hammer forests, catfish from the lakes of the Dahme River are first-class products that we are happy to work with.

The restaurant is not only open to hotel guests but also to people such as those traveling on the A13 motorway.

We are looking forward to your visit. We recommend a reservation!

Pfingstmontag: 12-21 Uhr. Reservierung empfohlen.

Öffnungszeiten Mai 2024

Montag: 15-21 Uhr

Dienstag + Mittwoch: Ruhetag

Donnerstag-Sonntag: tägl. 12-21 Uhr


Bitte beachten Sie, dass wir unsere Öffnungszeiten und Ruhetage auch gelegentlich noch ändern werden. 

Reservierung empfohlen.

Vielen Dank.

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