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-Please note our Check-in times! These are currently 3pm-6pm. Our reception is not staffed all the time and is not staffed at all at night. So please make sure before you book a room that you can arrive in time for this check-in. Outside of this time, especially at night, you are literally standing in front of a locked door that nobody can open for you.

If you are unable to check in during this time, the following options are available, which must be clarified individually with one of our employees beforehand:

1) Earlier personal registration.

Either you arrive personally earlier (between 8 a.m. and 3 p.m.). Then we will take care of the formalities with you, show you where you will find your room later and where we will leave your room key. You will also receive further information that could be important for your stay. You also have the option of leaving your luggage at reception, which we will bring to your room as soon as it has been cleaned. Then you have checked in, can go on your excursions etc. and can then move into your room at later times. Note that this must be done in person. Please call us beforehand or notify us by email for this desired option.

​2) Self-Check-In - only against advance payment!

If you have a check-in at our stated check-in times and also1) Earlier personal registration should not be possible:

Tell us that you​ require2) Self-Check-In - only against advance payment! We will then email you an invoice for your forthcoming stay, which you can transfer immediately. Only after receipt of payment on our account will you receive individual instructions from us on where and how you can find and move into your room outside of our reception hours. If it is a short-term booking: all banks now offer the instant transfer option.

So there are only these three options: personal check-in between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m., 1) earlier personal registration or 2) self-check-in - only against advance payment! There are no other options.




- According to the Federal Registration Act, the personal address of the person staying in the room and a valid identification document (identity card or passport) are required for check-in.

This address can be different from the billing address, for example if you are traveling on business at company expense. We would then need the company address in order to be able to send you a correct invoice, as well as your private address in order to comply with the obligations under the Federal Registration Act. All your data will be treated by us with the utmost care.


- Most of our rooms are on the first floor and can only be reached by stairs.

- We have one DIN standard room suitable for disabled people (with ground level access, high bed, compliant bathroom) - in the "Classic plus" room category. However, not all rooms in this category are wheelchair accessible. If you have restricted mobility, you must state this when making your booking.

- We have double and triple rooms that are accessible at ground level (but not DIN-compliant) - but not all! If you require ground level access, you must indicate this when booking.

- Our hotel consists of several buildings. The rooms are spread over these buildings. If you are traveling as a group and would like the rooms to be close to each other, you must indicate this when booking. Depending on availability, we will then try to book adjoining rooms for you. Note that this will not work with online bookings, as they allocate the rooms automatically. It is best to send us a direct email request for this request.

- There are several bicycle stands for our guests on the property, which you can use during your stay. However, the hotel is not liable for this. It is not allowed to park bikes in the buildings/rooms.

- If you have particularly valuable bikes that you would like us to lock securely for you, please send us a request with your booking. The safe storage of bikes by our hotel staff is an additional service and costs €5/room.

- If you want to bring your own swimming equipment - such as inflatable kayaks, air mattresses, stand-up paddle boards or similar - then this is possible - but only after prior registration! Please do not bring any such equipment onto the property without the clear consent and knowledge of our staff.

- Arriving or bringing your own boat is only permitted with prior written/email approval and may incur additional costs. Please contact us (preferably in writing).

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